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Friday, April 29, 2011

Making My First Quilt

Hey there all my crafty friends! I just wanted to let you know that if you think you 
can't, well.....think again! Because you can do anything you desire, just put your
heart into whatever you are crafting! 

I'd recommend taking a class before you tackle something like quilts though. There's
a lot of things one needs to know like little tips about putting them together. Most are
easy time savers! I've learned so many neat things since taking this class. It also helps
to have a great teacher who's been sewing and quilting for many years. 

Meet Kathy my teacher (left) and myself. She's great gal and
makes learning how to quilt super fun!

Here's the rest of our class. Busy building there quilt's at there own pace.

The day is done. I have some re-work to do as you can plainly see. I have my proud
accomplishment displayed for my hubby to see it when he gets home from work.

I'm quite happy with how it's coming along! And love the happy bright colors of spring!

Please come back and see the finished version.

Check out my favorite little shop and classes in Boulder City, Nevada!  

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Until next time, Happy sewing and crafting!

Love Anita

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  1. Anita,Your very kind comment came to my inbox (I subscribe to my comments so I don't miss them on older posts) However I couldn't email you because you are a "no-reply" blogger.
    Thanks so much for leaving such a kind comment about me/my blog. :)
    quilting? me? not sew much! hahaha. I have a sewing machines but we're not very close.
    have a great Sunday!


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