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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Promise To Blog Weekly

Well some how the month of March is already behind us. I didn't post a single thing either! So leave it be and from this moment forward I pledge to at least post something on a weekly basis. I suppose I'm trying to make up for lost thoughts and idea's that travel around inside my head. Some stick to the surface while others get lost in translation and fall to the wayside, never to be found again!

Here you see I made this cute little wallet , using one of my favorite fabric suppliers Moda.
Embellished with silk trim, velvet yoyo and a large vintage peach button!

I have turned some idea's into real progress. I did attempt and accomplish new projects, some were challenging.  One was a Hello Kitty birthday cake, in which I only had a paper template and a picture to go on. I thought it turned out very good considering what I had to work with.  Another was silk beverage coasters, too squirmy working with silk. 

The most challenging, difficult and fun to do was a quilt block, titled Lady of the Lake. I made as a swap gift. I was extremely proud that I finished it and loved the colors and print.Will I do it again? You betcha I would, but only to keep it for myself. 

I will make another one soon and put up a tutorial on my blog here! I also plan on making other quilt blocks learning new patterns and methods.

 That's about it for March.  I hope you enjoyed this post and stop in again.


  1. Hello I am happy I found you. It's a lot of work to keep a blog up isn't it? The wallet you show here is adorable. Can't wait to follow you.

  2. Dear Lindsey, Thanks for stopping in and glad you found me too. Yes I was happy that the wallet turned out so cute! It was another swap gift that I really didn't want to send, but I was commented and sent it anyway.

    Blogging is a real thing to keep up with. I lost all sense of it because I had so many sewing projects going on. But I will keep my promise to post something weekly!


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