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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Finds!

Over this past weekend another marvelous and generous lady has stepped forward! I love generous people, especially  when it comes to fabric and crafting items. As I unload to look at the new goodies , I take a look around. My living room is so full of all sorts of sewing and crafts, it ain't funny!  So much for using it for awhile.

More fabric, cross stitch kits, a calligraphy ink set, some edger scissors and a few charms dazzled me this time. Oh what a little kid in a candy store I feel like today. The best part of it all is,I didn't have to travel out of Boulder City to get it. Usually we have to make long trips into Las Vegas, (half way around the world) seems like it!

I tell my hubby, I  think we need another room, he's already thinking about fixing up a  room in the back part of the house to store it all because my sewing/craft room is bulging. He tells me If I ever hear you say your bored, he'll tell me to go make something because I have stuff and lots of it.

I won't be keeping every thing, there's lots of kids crafts that I either will  probably PIF or  put some on my ETSY store. How much did we pay for this stuff? Maybe a dollar in gas to go get it, that's all!. I always love to share what I find in the goodies I receive. So always check back to my blog for other treasures in Great Finds!


  1. Haha. My crafting area keeps creeping out into the rest of the house too. :D Generous people are the best!

  2. I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested take a look
    sorry forgot to mention I'm blackbird4 on swap bot

  3. love the scissors holder thing! I'm dropping in to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! you can view it at my blog:
    If you've got any questions or anything, email me at:

  4. Rita, I had seen this particular scissors set on CL and they wanted $40. I almost called them a couple times but something always came up and I'd forget. So when you really want something or looking , like I said "Great Finds" will find you! I got this free! Makes me happy!

  5. Ann, I know, ain't that funny? Mine too and it just keeps growing and growing! As of last night I talked with my hubby and were moving my crafts room to a bigger room. Probably within the next few weeks...

  6. Anita, thanks for the nice comment on the angel birdfeeder from Kirkland's Home. And thanks for being a follower! I'm following you, too. Visit often!


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