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Friday, February 18, 2011

Great Finds!

I am a women, not really your average type woman. Why? you ask. Well I hate to go shopping, or I should say I used to hate it. But, there is an exception to my own rules. If it has to do with going to the mall or Wal Marts I do hate shopping!

Usually I have a list , tear it in half and tell hubby meet you at checkout in 10 minutes. In and out pretty quick, right? Like I said ......"Rules", they're mine and I will break 'em just cause I want too! 

When it comes to shopping for crafts, honey I can stay in JoAnn's or Hancocks store for hours and hours. I get so mesmerized by all the cool gadgets and notions, buttons, and paints and fabric's I loose all since of time and reality! I loose my mind as well, but we won't go there today....

Anyway I'm rambling here. Few weeks back I advertised on CL for arts and crafts. Two days ago I got another call from a little old lady who had been sewing and crafting for many years. She said she had boo coo's of stuff and wanted a reasonable donation. Well, I've heard that before, so yesterday afternoon  we're off ( hubby, daughter and myself) to check out what she had. Holy Toledo! Not only did it fill up the back of the jeep Cherokee, but the back seat & floorboard, almost smothering my daughter in the back seat!

I went through some if it last night and found some goodies, tons of books, lots of vintage buttons and patterns. My living room is loaded now. Truffles (kitty) was freaking out, slinking around to see my new stuff!

This stuff is I know without a doubt worth more than I paid for it. A little old lady tired and wanting to give it to someone for good use! She just happened to see my ad and it was the right timing for both of us.

So no matter what you are looking for, be patient and "Great Finds" will find you!

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  1. Oh you made a killing...neat neat stuff. It look's like you will really put them all to good use. Love your blog. Come by sometime.


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